Powering Smart You

A Smart world needs a smart you. That why at HPass Global we are dedicated to create Innovative solutions for Smart
cities, Smart Mobilility, Security, Access Management, Smart Businesses and Smart Lifestyle.

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About Us

At HPass Global we have created a tool that empowers individuals, businesses and organization to unlock infinite possibilities of modern world.

Our Story

HPass Global is a Technology and Innovation company based in Nairobi-Kenya. Our major interest is in Smart Cities, Modern workplace, mobile security and access management, smart businesses and smart lifestyle. We are utilising Blockchain, Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

Our Focus

Powering Smart you,
to unlock limitless possibilities in a Smart World using your Mobile phone.

Our Vision

Moving with everyone as Technology advances

Core Values


Who Can Register

All Registrations start with creating a user account first, then proceed to create a specific registration as a Building, Tenants, Employee, PSVs sacco, PSV vehicle owner, planes owner, events planner, estate owner etc.

Our Smart life Innovations

Imara Suite

Its a secure Access Management System(AMS) in smart buildings. Its applicable to people with Smart phones, Without smartphone or without a phone at all. Can be used in Commercial buildings, Malls, Hospitals, banks, Carparks, Churches, schools, institutions, Pubs and Lounges, Hotels, government offices and any place where a human access management and control is required.

Safari Suite

Our focus is to ease booking and boarding of public transport vehicles in smart cities. This suite is ideal to for traffic management and decision making by bus companies on bus route allocation and human resource allocation. Its also a data source, in case of an accident or incident, the bus company can track who was on the bus at the time of incident or accident

Jirani Suite

Its designed and developed for people living in a common neighborhood like estates or gated communities to ensure only authorized personnel can pass through the gate. It will help landlord to easily manage tenants and critical functions. With Jirani suite, neighbors can support each other in things like carpooling, shared laundry, common shopping, fundraising and social gathering

Janta Suite

Its HR and shift management suite for modern workplace. Workforce attendance management is made easy. It helps in employee attendance, movement, shifts management and manage employee remotely from different locations, at the comfort of your phone. It gives realtime track of each employee attendance and movement both at the office and at the field.

Hodari Suite

Its for smart lifestyle and mobile security and access management with collection of multiple high-level functions and solutions These includes smart contracts, verified digital identifications, access management for IT systems, Events access authentications, smart expo visitor tool, fast contact exchange the QR Code scanning.

Biashara Suite

Offers mobile based solutions to the modern businesses. It gives businesses a simplified management and secure payment platform that is affordable. It places the power to the businesses by supporting it with QR Code scanning technology to validate payments and transactions


Our Goal

We endeavor to provide you with diverse and advanced monitoring and control tools for your smart operations and practices whether as an individual, residence, organization or property.