HPass Imara Plus

For Communication, Monitoring, Surveillance and Control of Covid19 Pandemic

Call to Action

Today, the world is facing a global pandemic of corona virus Covid19. At Hpass Global, in line with our people and innovation values, we have come up with HPass Imara + that combines HPass Imara Suite, Hpass Safiri Suite, Hpass Janta Suite and HPass Jirani Suite. HPass Imara + is therefore an innovation geared towards monitoring and controlling the spread of covid19 in Kenya and beyond.

How it Works

We provide a tool that collects data that can be used to Monitor movement of members of the public in buses/matatus/taxis, buildings, supermarkets, offices, Estates, Churches, Mosques, Clubs, Hotels, hospitals, industries, learning institutions, airports and flights among others.


This will be a web-based app that can later be developed into a mobile app and also run on USSD platform. All what the users need to do is to register on the platform using a simple step. The information provided will then be transformed into a QR code that will be scanned at every point of entry. Every scanning gives a trail of the user and his/her close contacts at any given time. This will make it easy to trace persons who may have come into contact with a person with covid19. It will also provide a trail of possible contacts that need to be observed.


These data will be so useful to ministry of health and stakeholders fighting the spread of this deadly virus. The tool can also be used by authorized entities such a ministry of health to flag individuals of interest and advise the accordingly or take the necessary action as soon as possible.