Our company

SMART Identity & Access Control System.

Our Story

How we came to be and our vision
Started in 2019 by our CEO and Founder, Francis Njue, HPass Global began from the undeniable frustration experienced by most people when checking in and out of buildings and facilities due to the tedious security procedures as they are done manually. We began a journey of automating such processes by building identity, security, and access management solutions to restore time and elegance into people’s hands via technology.
Our Core Value

HPass Global creates value by trailblazing the next generation of smart cities. We build products that save time, increase convenience, foster security, and enhance visitor experience using near-zero hardware infrastructure since all our solutions are cloud-based in nature.

Its safe, secure and convenience to use and will give your visitors a smart experience.
How we Work

With our cloud-based solutions, we package our products in an application that can run both on smartphones and as a web-app. Following the prevalence and penetration of smartphones across the globe, our solutions continue to demonstrate unquestionable ubiquity. With one tap on your smartphone, we usher you into a new world of automation and smart cities.

  1. We provide centralized system to store all your access information.
  2. Our Systems is fast and with no down time
  3. Simple and easy one time registration process
  4. Scanning QR Code is fast and therefore saves a lot of time.
  5. Store historical access data which you can active but not delete.
  6. We proved a secure way of validating visitors information.

We exist to provide innovative solutions for smart cities, modern workplace, mobile security and critical access management.

To be a global leader in mass mobile based identity and access management and visitor experience solutions